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Property Management

Pest Control

from $50 per month

Florida Premium Services's Standard lawn/Pest program provides (6) bimonthly applications per year and includes inside as well as outside service. ( carried out by fully licensed pest control company)

Outside, each application includes fertilizer and pest control that controls weeds, insects and fungus. It also includes a dust for spider webs around windows and doors and a spray to the perimeter using approved listed labeled products.

Inside the house, if required, an internal insect deterant will be applied to the baseboards in all rooms.

We are proud to offer a guaranteed service at no additional charge should you need inside follow up visits.

Subterranean Termite protection:
Florida has one of the highest incident rates of termites in the USA. It is therefore imperative that you have cover for termite attack in place for your home. If you can show documentary evidence that your home has been treated (should have come with the details when you purchased the home) and depending on the treatment done we are able to offer you insurance cover without the need for further treatment. In case that you cannot provide evidence we would recommend the treatment be carried out by our qualified sub-contracted technicians and then the insurance cover can be provided. Please click here for your specific quote.

Termite cover is in addition to the pest control fee’s above if you require or would like to know ore about this protection please click the email link above.

Pest Control Details

The following information is a general description of the different types of lawn treatments that we offer.

There are no extra charges for inspections and included treatments when requested to address problems that can occur between our regularly scheduled applications. However, we may recommend our monthly program if our service history indicates that a more frequent service interval would be beneficial. Please consult with our horticulturist if you would like a more detailed explanation of the services.

Fertilizer: Turfgrass needs period fertilization in order to grow and remain healthy. Most applications will include either a dry or liquid fertilizer since there are some application advantages to using both types. The grass doesn't care what form is used and it is more important to make correct applications rather than be concerned about whether the fertilizer is in a liquid form or a dry form. Dry fertilizer containing approximately 50 percent slow-release nitrogen is used to reduce the frequency of applications needed because more fertilizer can be safely applied without burning the grass and feed longer then when using liquid quick-release applications alone.

Some fertilizer companies and lawn care companies have recently begun marketing organic fertilizers. Some people have the impression that anything organic is always best for us and the environment. Organic fertililizer can be composed of either natural organic or synthetic organic sources. Natural organic fertilizers are derived from several sources including manure, sewage sludge, fish meal and seaweed. Natural organic fertlizers typically have low burn potential but tend to cost more, provide slower results and have objectional properties like odor and formulation than synthetic organic or inorganic sources.

Insect Control: Our insect control includes some preventative applications of insecticide during the periods of high insect activity and includes insecticide applications between the six regularly scheduled applications for turf (lawn grass) damaging insects (chinch bugs, sod webworms, mole crickets) and fire ants — at no extra charge —when needed. Fleas are controlled in the lawn when we apply our preventative insecticide applications but additional control measures are needed if a problem develops. These measures may include additional applications to plant beds and inside the home, which would be at an extra charge. Additional flea control can be enhanced by using products available from your veterinarian.

Weed Control: The best way to control weeds in your lawn is by keeping the grass healthy so it can compete with weeds. This is done by proper fertilization, chemical control of insects and diseases and proper cultural practices of watering, mowing and sunlight requirements. Sometimes when either of these requirements are not met or competitive weeds appear in the lawn due to other factors, we must resort to chemical weed killers called herbicides.

We apply two applications of herbicide during the cooler months when broad leaf weeds are the most common and controllable. We also apply weed control at no extra charge for controllable weeds during the other four applications (weather permitting) as needed at no extra charge. There are some weeds that are difficult or uncontrollable with selective herbicides. Your horticulturist may recommend resodding in areas of your lawn for these types of weeds.

Disease Control: We usually treat diseases on an as needed basis because the fungicides are expensive and diseases are usually not a serious problem of St. Augustine grass when properly installed. Zoysiagrass seems to have a more common problem with Brown/Large Patch fungus during rainy fall/winter months and we make preventative treatments for this disease if history shows a site has had a frequent problem. The four common diseases of St. Augustine grass are Pithium Root Rot (Pithium sp.),Take All Root Rot (Gaeumannomyces graminis var.graminis), Brown/Large Patch Fungus (Rhizoctonia solani), and Grey Leaf Spot fungus ( Piricularia grisea).

There are no extra charges to spot treat Brown Patch fungus when needed. While Brown Patch fungus can be difficult to control, it fortunately is a temporary cool season problem for us in this area and it is primarily a cosmetic problem since it kills leaf tissue only. Grey leaf spot fungus can usually be tolerated. The lesions that appear on the grass leaf during the rainy summer months are usually minimal and the rapid grass growth during this time of year helps with control. There are extra charges to treat for Pithium when deemed necessary and there currently are no recommended chemical treatments for Take All Patch.

Due to advancements in scientific research, many pest species can now be controlled with target specific baits and only grams of active ingredients versus the old approach of high volume liquid insecticide sprays.

These high volume methods, still used by some pest control companies, make your house smell and leave a nasty residue. We don't recommend this this type of treatment.

Instead, we have developed a program that eliminates the need for any regular interior pesticide applications. This Exterior Pest Prevention (EPP) concentrates on the exterior of your home where insects live and breed. We enter your home only when you have an interior pest concern. Also, with the use of long residual products, we only need to service your home four times a year which makes our program less costly to you.

Our Exterior Pest Prevention service is convenient, affordable and guaranteed. If your home needs additional service between your regularly scheduled visits, we return within 24 hours- free of charge.

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